There’s an excellent recap available here, but a few details are missing about upcoming content.

First, we’re getting the Chimaera in Season 2, a two-headed flying mini for the beast family. It has two attacks (one for each head) - a corrosive poison blast and a chain lightning attack, with the following talents:

Chimaera Blizzcon Preview

Coming in Season 3 will be Emperor Thaurissan, acting as the third Blackrock leader, an armoured mini with a single target hammer and a ranged Aoe lava bolt attack:

Emperor Thaurissan Blizzcon Reveal

Then after that, the Fairie Dragon (Alliance?), who will be a flying mini with Resistance.

Faerie Dragon Blizzcon Preview


Raids have been officially announced, and one of the rewards will be Ragnaros as a leader:

Ragnaros Blizzcon Preview

Ragnaros will be awarded by defeating him in the raid, and is said to be an extremely unique leader with a mechanic revolving around Majordomo Executus.

Raids Blizzcon Preview

Molten Core will have 3 wings + Ragnaros, the first beginning at 26, then 27, and so on. Each wing will give rewards.

Blizzcon 2023 Preview

It appears the first wing is Magmadar + Lucifron.

Blizzcon 2023 MC Wing 1 Preview

Lucifron has a pair of dominators, who will mind control any mini that approaches. If that mini dies, they mind control a new one. Whereas Magmadar seems to stick to the core hound gameplay of requiring to kill 3 doggies at once.

In Wing 2 we face Gehennas and Shazzrah + Garr.

Blizzcon 2023 MC Wing 2 Preview

Shazzrah (closer, on the left) will counterspell anything either player casts, so in order to play spells you’ll have to take him down first.

Blizzcon 2023 MC Wing 2 Map Preview

I’m going to assume that the encounter will involve a lot of minis you’d like to AoE down but can’t until the blue boy is banished.

Garr, if you squint in the picture (couldn’t find a better one), has six towers in his map.

Blizzcon 2023 MC Wing 2 Map Preview

Each time a tower is destroyed, it summons a wave of Elementals, so carefully taking the towers will be necessary.

Wing 3 has Geddon and Golemagg.

Blizzcon 2023 MC Wing 3 Preview

Geddon’s map is covered in lava, favouring flying minis to take him down.

Blizzcon 2023 MC Wing 3 Map 1 Preview

Whereas Golemagg has ‘incineration runes’ surrounding his towers. The implication seems to be they’ll deal aoe damage, making them harder to take.

Blizzcon 2023 MC Wing 3 Map 2 Preview

Ragnaros is the final boss of the raid.

Blizzcon 2023 MC Wing 4 Preview

He will feature 4 phases:

Blizzcon 2023 MC Wing 4 Map Preview

  1. Going up against Majordomo Executus to summon Ragnaros himself
  2. Ragnaros appears, with blast waves, meteor attacks, and lava splashes around him.
  3. Ragnaros submerges, summoning Sons of the Flame
  4. Ragnaros returns with some new abilities, such as Immolation Aura

Miscellaneous raid information:

  • A raid map will have some shared deploy zones, but at least 1 deploy zone per player that can only be used by that player.
  • When a leader beats a raid boss, they will be locked to the boss for the duration that raid is available.
  • As multiple raids are released, they’ll start to cycle in and out of availability, like dungeons do currently.
  • Gold will be shared between players, any earned will go to both players (I assume that spending gold is done per player)

Raid Rewards

Blizzcon 2023 Raid Rewards Preview

First wing awards a ‘Boost Slot’, which increases the base level of a mini placed in it to 20. I’m assuming this is applied to a particular leader.

Second wing awards a Legendary Tome, and Wing 3 a Legendary Core. Raids + high ranked PvP are intended to be the primary source of Legendary Cores going forward.

Raids in general award valor, which is used to upgrade gold slots on your leaders to Platinum. I suspect it will work the same as in beta, where adding an additional platinum slot to the same leader will cost increasingly higher amounts of valor.

Finally, Ragnaros and Ragnaros stars will be earned by taking him down.


Scholomance is the 5th upcoming dungeon, featuring Jandice Barov, Rattlegore, and Darkmaster Gandling!

Blizzcon 2023 Scholomance Preview

We can see their maps here:

Blizzcon 2023 Scholomance Map Preview

Jandice will be duplicating herself with illusions - same as her WoW (and Hearthstone) incarnations. Rattlegore’s mechanic was not mentioned, and Gandling will be teleporting minis into rooms, with specific challenges faced in each room.


Moonglade will be the new capstone zone for the PvE Campaign (I’m sure there’s no reason all the demon zones are missing). The normal mode will be 16 to 17 and heroic 26-27.

Blizzcon 2023 Moonglade Preview

Featured bosses are:

  • Brightwing, a Faerie Dragon
  • A pair of a Druid of the Talon and a Druid of the Claw
  • Brumeran - a chimera
  • Ysera
  • Cenarius


Some new features:

  • Maps will now rotate per battle, rather than a single map per set of modifiers. This should keep combat a lot more interesting and prevent people from hyper-targeting a single matchup.
  • The map modifier is replaced with a ‘Siege’ modifier, which changes how towers interact with the game. One example mentioned is the Collateral Damage modifier, which causes the destruction of towers to deal damage to that player’s barracks. This one in particular makes Unbound rush strategies less relevant.
  • Leaderboards officially announced.

Blizzcon 2023 Leaderboards Preview


New feature being added to allow the sharing of matches with other players

Blizzcon 2023 Replays Preview

Not much to say here, unclear at the moment whether it will feature PvE replays as well or purely PvP.


New cosmetics being added to the game in the form of emotes, tower skins, and kobold skins. Potential for leader skins hinted. Emotes and Tower Skins will be rewarded from the Guild Chest every other Season.

Some examples of new Emotes:

Blizzcon 2023 Emotes Preview

Finally, family Kobold skins are coming Soon.

Blizzcon 2023 Kobold Skin Preview

A lot of exciting stuff. Raids are scheduled for 2024 - hopefully early in the year as I can’t wait to try out new co-operative strategies (Cheat Death looks very interesting)!