Holiday Bundles!

F.R.E.E PRESENT 200 Coins, 1* for Active Leader, 2* for random Mini in Active Army, 1 Major Leader Tome

Festive Starter - $1.99 700 Coins, 1 Major Tome for each Family

Wintery Epic - $9.99 2000 Coins, 1 Epic Core, 4000 Arc Energy, 1 Mythic Tome

Snowy Supreme - $14.99 2800 Coins, 10* for Active Leader, 5* for random Inactive Leader, 2 Mega Leader Tome,

Joyous Legendary - $39.99 4500 Coins, 1 Legendary Core, 13000 Arc Energy, 10* for random Mini in Active Army

Friendly reminder with these bundles and any purchases for Warcraft Rumble - if you can purchase via instead of inside Warcraft Rumble, you are supporting the game devs more

Hidden Patch Notes


Baron Rivendare The Skeleton Mage spawn frequency of Chill of the Grave has been increased for Towers to 20 seconds, from 15 seconds. Official Patch Notes say 18 seconds, but it's actually 20 seconds.

Chimaera Attack timing has been adjusted to better sync up with visual effects.

Deep Breath Double Dragon does not deal double damage at the junction anymore.

Grommash Mirror Image bug fix

Skeleton Party Ritual Of Rime AI fixed when leashing


Blind Mary Attack speed increase from 1.56 to 1.5s Dominate Missile CD decreased from 2s to 1.9s

Devilsaur Tail Swipe range increased from 16 to 32

Draaka Axe Throw range increased from 7 to 10

Kromcrush Range increased from 8 to 9

Charlga Starts with 0 gold (down from 2 gold)

Onyxia Onyxia's gold increase per phase increased from 0.05 to 0.1

Immolthar Fixed pathing issues

Insane Ghoul Fixed pathing issues

Shy Rotam Fixed pathing issues

Sneed Fixed pathing issues

Wolfrunner Fixed pathing issues


Black Whelp Tunic Your Towers, Barracks, and Meeting Stones spawn a Whelp Egg every 15 seconds. (up from 8 seconds)

Misc bug fixes on Bone Whistle, Bounty Board, Glazed Cannon, Militia Summons, Necrology Robes, Nether Wraps, Stratholme Commendation, White Hare Moccasins


PvP Bots The Plague (Bot) replaced one of the extra Harpy minis with Darkspear Troll

Trimmed Official Patch Notes

Anything in the official patch notes not mentioned here is from a previous patch. Original can be found @

Baron Rivendare The Skeleton Mage spawn frequency of Chill of the Grave has been increased for Towers to 18 seconds, from 15 seconds. *** This is incorrect, it's actually 20 seconds

Blizzard Cold Snap should now slow movement as intended, instead of applying a Stun.

Cheat Death Apocalypse now summons affected Skeletons randomly on the left or right side of the Barracks. Previously, affected Skeletons would always spawn in the top left corner of the Barracks.

Core Hound Can now resurrect their buddies if they get Stealthed.

Dark Iron Miner AOE Damage triggered by Gold Mine should no longer damage flying Troops.

Darkspear Troll Headhunting now properly stacks more than once.

Defias Bandits Pick Lock should no longer grant Gold to an enemy if they claim the chest after the player's Bandits have attacked it.

Frostwolf Shaman Earthwall Totem should no longer be cast before the Shaman encounters a damaged building. Earth Shield should no longer be cast on buildings. Healing should now match what is shown on the stat page.

Gryphon Rider Air Drop potions should no longer be consumed by chests.

Maiev Shadowsong Remorseless should now deal double damage, instead of triple damage.

Quilboar Bramble Burst's timing has been adjusted to better sync up with visual effects.

Tirion Fordring Divine Shield should now properly block attacks from General Drakkisath.