The Kolkar centaurs believe the best defense is a good offense, which is also the best offense.


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Strategy Suggestion

The boss starts heading towards the base with his army after 2 Centaurs are killed. Try to get your gold to max and have either S.A.F.E. Pilot or damage Spells like Blizzard, Arcane Blast, or Living Bomb available to kill most of the Minis near the boss.

Suggested Minis

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Campaign Playthrough

Heroic Playthrough

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Quest Guide

For every PvE mission, there is a campaign version and a Heroic version. When you first begin the game, you can only participate in campaign missions. Upon collecting 50 sigils, you will then unlock Heroic missions.

Campaign missions will grant rewards after the first successful clear with ANY family. Heroic missions must be completed with EACH of the 5 different families in order to receive the mission rewards.