A lot is left unsaid in Warcraft Rumble. This helps keep the complexity of the game under control for new players, but inevitably people want to know what, exactly, do these abilities do. Here we document all the hidden mechanics of Rumble for would-be theorycrafters to peruse. Effort has been made to ensure accuracy, but the limits of in-game observation and experimentation are in play. All numerical values given are assumed for a level 1 mini.

Additional thanks to members of Apocalypse and the Warcraft Rumble discord for suggestions/information.


  • Deals 240 damage over 8 seconds (30 damage per 1 second tick). Additional applications refresh the duration but do not stack.
  • Deals Elemental damage.


  • Deals 40 damage over 5 seconds (4 damage per 0.5 second tick). Additional application both refresh the duration and stack.
  • Deals Elemental damage.


  • All minis so far with taunt seem to have a 10 second cooldown on their taunt abilities.


  • Minis only have this trait if they are tagged with it. Reducing a mini to 2 or below cost does not count as Cycle.
  • Kobold lacks cycle
  • Skeletons from Skeleton Party lack cycle.
  • Skeletons (but not Skeletal Mages) from Baron Rivendare and Necromancer are regarded as cycle units for Smoke Bomb (possible bug).


  • If healed back above 50%, cannonball will trigger again.
  • Noxious Presence does not hit air, except for Whelplings.
  • Hook has a 5 seconds CD.

Cheat Death

  • Skeletons resurrected by Apocalypse retain any levels gained while deployed.
  • Levels gained in combat do not reduce the duration of Cheat Death

Core Hounds

  • Resurrection has a range of 4 without the talent

Earth Elemental

  • Shrapnel Blast deals 225 damage.

Molten Giant

  • Blood of the Mountain deals 180 damage.

Meat Wagon

  • Has a close range attack that deals 10 damage 8 times. Attack speed of 2 seconds.


  • Blaze of Glory deals 340 damage.


  • Overpower additionally stuns minis briefly.
  • Execute deals 10% of health to bosses. +1%/-1% for each level above/below the target.


  • Cannibalising is affected by attack speed buffs.


  • When the mini cannot be possessed, the banshee inflicts a 1000 damage curse on it instead.

  • Soul Eruption explosion deals 180 damage.

Baron Rivendare

  • Death Pact heals Rivendare to full. It has a 10 second cooldown.

Bloodmage Thalnos

  • Bane does not stack with itself. Bane has been changed to stack with itself. It also stacks with other sources of attack speed increases like Bloodlust.

  • He has a cap of ten levels gained by spells.

Chain Lightning

  • Can bounce up to 20 targets.

Dark Iron Miner

  • The mines deal 120 physical damage.


  • Increases attack speed by 25% with each attack, until the mini leaves combat. Stacks 3 times, to give a maximum of a 75% increase.
  • Mining builds up fury. Since combat is not entered, it does not leave combat when mining ends, and hence the fury stacks are preserved.


  • 33% Attack speed and movement speed slow.


  • 50% Movement speed slow.


  • Duration increased/decreased by level advantage/disadvantage.
  • Stunned minis reset after the stun, potentially picking a new target and/or path to follow.


  • Members of a squad share baseline traits. This means the Bear from Mountaineer is classified as Ranged and will be a target for the Abomination hook.


  • Hitting a chest counts as combat and will build up/reset fury stacks as well as Grom's mirror images.


  • Her root attack gains/loses 0.5% damage with each level above/below.
  • Spirit link is explained here.

Defias Bandits

  • Pick Lock does not require bandits to have the last hit, there is a small grace window after each hit.

Emperor Thaurissan

  • Emperor Thaurissan targets the farthest mini in range, and slams the ground. The ground slam deals a small amount of physical damage in a cleave to minis in front of Thaurissan, but also summons a magma pillar at the targeted location. The pillar erupts, dealing a small amount of damage in a tight AoE, and applying burn to all targets affected. If he targets an enemy in melee range, the effects can overlap.

  • Hubris does not affect spells, nor Kobold Miners.

  • Moira's Wit heals 1% of health per second, per burning target.

  • Incinerate causes burn to last 16 seconds on bosses/barracks, rather than permanently.

  • Indirect sources of Physical damage, like Dark Iron Miner mines or Quilboar's Bristleback, will trigger the burn from Fiery Weapon.

Frostwolf Shaman

  • Earthwall Totem heals a structure by 10%.

  • The totem can be used on structures under construction.

  • The heal has a 4 second cooldown. This means that the heal occurs as every 4th attack, if in constant combat. It is affected by attack speed buffs.

Holy Nova

  • Renew heals the same as Holy Nova itself.

Tirion Fordring

  • The heal has a 4 second cooldown and a range of 8.
  • Consecrate has a cooldown of 8.25 seconds and a range of 4.


  • With 'Mine is Money, Friend', Sneed can take an entire gold mine in one go.

  • He has a cap of ten levels gained by Land Grab.


  • Raising skeletons has an 8 seconds cooldown.


  • Minis can push each other around. This can be useful for accelerating slow minis by placing fast minis behind them. However, minis have 'weight', meaning that a mini must be of similar size to push another.


  • Reduces your speed by 20% while stealthed.


  • Affected by poison and burn.
  • Inconsistently affected by stuns. Defias Bandits seem unable to stun towers, and Chain Lightning can only interrupt. But other sources of stuns seem to lock the towers down longer.
  • Regular Towers have fury and a range of 9.
  • Rocket and Dragon towers deal elemental damage.


  • Minis remember what path they were deployed on (unless stunned). This means a mini placed on the left lane will return to the left, even if it enters the right to fight another mini.

S.A.F.E Pilot

  • Stealth gained from sources other than the talent does not grant ambush damage.

Grommash Hellscream

  • Mirror Images have very small amounts of health, but have taunt.
  • Bladestorm does not hit air. Has a range of 3 and a cooldown of 6.5s.


  • Exploding Sheep deals 75 physical damage per explosion.

  • Flying Minis become Flying Sheep.


  • The charge has a 3s CD and a range of 6.


  • The heads target minis independently. The lightning head targets the lowest health mini in range. The poison head targets the highest health mini in range.

  • Poison spit applies two stacks of poison, doubled by the Corrosive Breath talent (to 4).

  • The lightning attack bounces to nearby stealthed minis.

  • The lightning attack can bounce up to 20 targets.

  • Leviathan stacks a maximum of 3 times. Stacks are additive, not multiplicative.


  • Mining is affected by attack speed. So Fury and Bloodlust increase mining speed, and Frost decreases it.

Whelp Eggs

  • Flame Burst deals 110 damage (per egg). It does not hit air.


  • Relentless and Ham Hock stack up to 3 times. Stacks are additive, not multiplicative.


  • The glaive attack does not bounce onto stealthed minis.
  • Darnassian Steel adds +1 range. This is probably unintended.

Warsong Grunts

  • When targeted for Bloodlust by Ogre Mage, both Grunts gain bloodlust.


  • Exhume works on enemy meeting stones/towers. It does not work on bosses.

Stonehoof Tauren

  • Charge has a 5.6s CD and a range of 9.5.


  • Bristleback deals 50 damage per hit.
  • Ordinary deploy takes 4 seconds. With tunnel vision this reduces to 2 seconds.

Smoke Bomb

  • Band of Thieves only affects minis that have the Cycle trait. This means if you reduce the cost of a mini to 2 or less, it is not affected. Kobold lacks the cycle trait.
  • Band of Thieves has a cap of ten level increases.
  • Whelp Eggs do not gain stealth. Instead, the duration and effect starts when the eggs hatch.
  • Strangers in the Night does not apply to towers, but does apply to chests.
  • Levels gained in combat do not reduce the duration of Smoke Bomb